Pediatric Trauma Center


This project was a collaboration with the Ca' Granda Foundation; its main focus was to build the first center in Lombardy solely specialized in treating major pediatric traumas. Such a center is now one of the very few that are operational in Italy.


The trauma center is located in the newly constructed area of the Urgent Care Section of the Foundation. Our main contribution was to finance the project of cooperation with the Red Cross Children’s Hospital of Cape Town; this endeavour was mainly focused around the formation of the nursing and medical personnel that was going to operate within the center. Given the enormous number of different kinds of traumas that the Red Cross Hospital has to face, their formational activity is one of particular quality, detail and intensity. This makes it so that a very solid, complete preparation in pediatric traumas can be obtained in a fairly short period of time.

Thanks to our effort, which ended in 2013, we were able to fully fund the expenses for 8 professionals (including both doctors and nurses) to attend the Red Cross Hospital's formational courses, which lasted a grand total of two weeks. During this time, they were able to verify the pediatric trauma management protocols and to take part in activities of clinical assistance both in the various wards and in the operating room.



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