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How you can help

  • You can make a donation anytime. Just click the "Donate now" button at the top of the page, or choose one of the other methods available.
  • You can choose to support a specific project among the ones that are currently active.
  • You can make us the recipients of your 5x1000,. Please remember to sign your tax return in the designated section, and to specify our fiscal code:  12555100150.

On-line Payment

You can choose to pay on-line with your credit card or with Paypal



Non-transferable cheque to:

Cieli Azzurri Odv

the cheque has to be sent in a closed envelope to:

Cieli Azzurri Odv
Via Saffi 12 20123 Milano c/o Studio Garattini-Picozzi


A bank transfer to:

Cieli Azzurri Odv
Credito Valtellinese
Agency n.11
Via Arese, 7 - 20159 Milano
IBAN IT 35I 05216 01616 000000097337


Recurring transfer from your bank account

giving instruction to your bank to periodically transfer the desired amount to Cieli Azzurri Odv' bank account


  • Always fill in the required personal details and, if you wish, specify a project that you wish to support.

  • In order to send you the donation’s receipt we need either your e-mail address (for a digital copy), or your mailing address (for a physical copy). You can either specify these details on your “purpose of transfer” declaration or by writing to the e-mail addresscieliazzurri@cieliazzurri.it

We would like to remind you that:

All donations are subject to a 10% detraction going towards Cieli Azzurri ONLUS’ management expenses (rent, secretary, communication expenses, etc.). At the end of the year, anything left over from the management budget is incorporated in our Organization’s resources and is then used to support all of our projects and initiatives. 

Fiscal deductibility

Cieli Azzurri is an ODV (Organizzazione Di Volontariato – a non-profit organization), and as such, it is classified as a non-commercial entity under the Regional Registry of Non-Profit Organizations. As a result, as per the rules outlined in art. 83 comma 2 of the D.Lgs. 117/2017, all the donations made to the Organization are deductible for tax purposes. For further details, please refer to the current documentation of the UNICO model.

As a reminder, the documentation required by the Treasury consists of receipts relative to traceable payments (bank transfers, postal bulletins, credit card statements); receipts produced by ODV organizations (for example, for cash payments) aren't admissible for deduction purposes.

With your help we can

Support families whose babies need to be hospitalized for a long period of time. We can find them a suitable accommodation or cover their travelling expenses when they can’t, especially if they come from distant countries. This is part of the mission of our project “Children Without Borders”.

Support the operational activities in the Maternal Fetal Clinic of the Vittore Buzzi Hospital. Their activities specialize in the complications that arise from monochorial twin pregnancies. It is one of the very few centers with such a specialization in Italy. Our support is part of the “Umberto Nicolini” project.

Help medical professionals to constantly expand their knowledge, by financing scholarships and training activities. We feel that it is in the interest of both doctors and patients for professionals to be as knowledgeable and prepared as can be; for this reason, we have made it part of our mission to help to make this happen.

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Associazione Amici della Chirurgia Pediatrica Odv

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