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As an organization, Cieli Azzurri has supported several projects over the years that were mainly focused on finding a specific solution to a given surgical problem. This has included, at various times, trying to provide families in need with access to the best doctors, enhancing the level of preparation of medical and nursing personnel in certain specialized units/hospitals, or acquiring the best pieces of surgical equipment for those same units/hospitals.

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The project supports the research of diagnoses and treatments for complications which may arise during twin pregnancies. The main location of reference is the Service of Prenatal Diagnostic and Maternal Medicine of the Vittore Buzzi Children’s Hospital.

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Given the nature of Cieli Azzurri’s work within the world of pediatric and neonatal surgery, it is fairly common for us to come in contact with Organizations whose goals align with ours. With time, these interactions have led to various kinds of collaborations, allowing us to build strong relationships with these Organizations.

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Children Without Borders is a project through which we offer assistance to families who face harsh social conditions and whose babies are in need of specific pediatric care. We strive to offer both logistic and financial assistance.

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