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One of the goals that we pursue most passionately, as an Organization, is that of supporting the growth of professionals who operate in fields as complex as that of neonatal surgery.

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Our Organization is constantly looking for new ways to support professionals operating in the field of pediatric surgery. It is with this objective in mind that we regularly engage in conversations with our members and with representatives from facilities like Milan’s Policlinic Hospital.

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The main objective of this endeavour was to establish an ECMO service in the Mangiagalli Neonatal Pathology Clinic.

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When a disease is particularly serious and disabling, it is not enough to “stitch up a wound, repair the esophagus or attempt to rebuild a normal functionality: one must keep following, over time, an extremely patient rehabilitative path[1]".

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The Neonatal Surgery Unit of the Mangiagalli-Policlinic Hospital has become, over the past few years, a point of reference at a regional as well as a national level, reaching an average of 130 newborns treated every year. This number puts the Policlinic Hospital as the facility with the highest yearly number of cases treated in Italy.

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Working closely with professionals operating in the fields of neonatal and pediatric surgery has allowed us to understand how often they are faced with incredibly complex and delicate cases, given the very young age of the patients that they treat.


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This project was a collaboration with the Ca' Granda Foundation; its main focus was to build the first center in Lombardy solely specialized in treating major pediatric traumas. Such a center is now one of the very few that are operational in Italy.

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