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Cieli Azzurri Associazione Amici Della Chirurgia Pediatrica ONLUS is a no profit organization based in Milan, Italy. Our activities mainly focus on the world of pediatric and neonatal surgery. Our main objective is to support the work of professionals operating in this field, as well as to offer relief to the little patients themselves and to their families. The vast complexity of fields such as neonatal and pediatric surgery pushes our initiatives to be multi-faceted and diverse, in an effort to have the best possible impact on the community.

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Why help us ?

We commit ourselves, every day, to change children’s lives for the better.

Our activities focus on supporting babies and newborns affected by serious pathologies. This, of course, includes supporting their families, especially when they originate from tough social backgrounds. The world of pediatric surgery is, however, incredibly complex and multi-faceted; through our activities, we strive to reflect this complexity, pursuing our main objective in several different ways.

Our Initiatives And The World Around Them

Our initiatives have often proved to be of fundamental importance in stimulating other, more far-reaching projects, always keeping children as the primary focus.

These projects have a positive impact not only on the patients themselves, but also on all the sector’s operators, at a regional as well as a national level.

How You Can Help Us

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You can make a difference, right now. Any contribution is bound to make a tangible impact.

Tomasino's Story

Our project “Children Without Borders” has the main objective of offering health care assistance to children who are being raised in difficult socio-economic conditions. Tomasino’s story (the details of which you can find in this article) is a perfect example of the vision with which this project was created. Below you can find the coverage that our primetime regional news show dedicated to the story of this Moldavian child.

A special Christmas Night

When we launched our project “A Surgical Cradle”, we were certain that it would have a strong impact on the life of many young patients. We could have never foreseen, however, how one of the cradles that we donated to Milan’s Policlinic Hospital would have been used on a Christmas night to operate on a newborn weighing only 700 grams. Below you can find the coverage that our primetime national news show dedicated to this incredible story.

Delivery of a Hi-Tech Surgical Cradle

The "Surgical Cradle" Project was born with the main goal of donating highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art cradles to the Neonatal Surgery Unit of Milan's Policlinic Hospital. Upon delivering the first of such cradles to the unit, our President (Dr. Corrado Ruffini) and two of  Milan's Policlinic Hospital Directors (Doctors Fabio Mosca and Ernesto Leva), stopped to answer a few questions from a local media outlet. In this video you can find a montage of their answers.

Our Active projects


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