The Umberto Nicolini Project


The project supports the research of diagnoses and treatments for complications which may arise during twin pregnancies. The main location of reference is the Service of Prenatal Diagnostic and Maternal Medicine of the Vittore Buzzi Children’s Hospital.

CIELI AZZURRI ONLUS has been supporting this project since 2008. It is named after professor Umberto Nicolini who, together with his team, was at the forefront of the study of twin monochorial pregnancies.

Prof. Nicolini founded a Center, within the Buzzi Hospital, which has become one of the main reference points in Italy on this subject, it being one of the few in the country with a vast experience in dealing with this pathology. Our project supports all the operational activities of the Center, from the diagnosis to the treatment of these difficoult pregnancies. Mainly, the treatment aims to ensure the harmonious growth of the twins, which can be spoiled by the fact that they are forced to share a single placenta. This can cause an unbalanced development, meaning that one of the two fetuses grows significantly less than the other; this may in turn lead to the loss of that fetus. Furthermore, our initiative also aims to support the professional training required by the medical personnel in order to be able to deal with this kind of pathology. Another integral part of the project is supplying the Center with the appropriate, cutting-edge technology needed to achieve the level of excellence it strives for.

If you wish to know more, you can visit this website:  www.terapiafetale.it

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